Using Plasti Dip Products

Plasti Dip is an air-dry liquid plastic designed to coat and protect.  Most commonly known as "that stuff you use to dip tools", Plasti Dip offers MUCH MORE utility and opportunity.  Along with Liquid Electrical Tape, Plasti Dip can be used to coat, seal, waterproof, protect and create solutions to many common problems.

Think of plasti dip as liquid heat shrink tubing.  However, no heat is required to cure.  When สีสเปรย์ is applied to most anything, it dries quickly and shrinks to fit perfectly.  Like a rubber glove, the final coat is flexible, stretchable AND sometimes removable.  When applied to smooth surfaces (shiny metal, glass), you can easily remove Plasti Dip by scoring with a knife or picking at an edge.  It will peel off with NO sticky residue or mess.  However, when applied to porous surfaces or materials (like wood, paper, fabric), Plasti Dip will not come off.  To increase adhesion on metal or glass, Plasti Dip PRIMER is recommended.  It is NOT required but does increase the adhesive quality by up to 400%.  Primer is available only in quart and larger sizes and is grey in color.

The most common complaint we hear about Plasti Dip is storage life.  As a solvent-based product, it will dry out over time and if not properly stored become unusable.  HOWEVER.... even a dry can of Plasti Dip can be resurrected!  By adding Plasti Dip THINNER or Naphtha, Plasti Dip can be restored or thinned.  Unlike paints, Plasti Dip products can be rejuvenated and redissolved if necessary.

When storing Plasti Dip products, be sure the can is sealed AIR TIGHT.  For the original 14.5 oz. can, the plastic lid is not sufficient for long term storage. It simply does not have the air tight quality needed to keep the solvents contained.  HINT:  Drop the entire can in a full-size mason jar.  The can fits perfectly and mason jars are air tight. This will insure you product remains usable for a very long time.  The manufacturer has since introduced a 7.25 oz. "Junior" sized can and the new 22 oz. size which are both in more traditional air-tight paint cans.   Storage life for these products is much improved.

Keep in mind, the solvent-base is what makes Plasti Dip work so well.  When adding multiple coats, Plasti Dip's solvents "melt" the surface of the previous coat making a bond that actually creates one thicker coating.  Paints add layers on top of layers and become brittle.  The thicker you make Plasti Dip, the stronger and more enduring it becomes.  This also adds the cushioned effect desirable for tool handles and other applications.

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