Plasti dip
30.08.2013 20:00

Plasti dip / painted wheels black


So I went ahead and plasti dipped my wheels black. Wasn't sure about painting my wheels or using bed liner, so I went with this.

For those of you who don't know what this plasti dip stuff is, it's a rattle can that sprays on a coating that can be pealed off. It'd not a durable as bed liners, but is strong enough to withstand normal wear an tare.

This is more or less a trial for me. If it starts to come off or bubble i'll just peal it off and go back to the stock look of the wheel. No need to sand or scuff up the wheel for this stuff to work.

I ended up using three cans total for my 4 wheels. I used way more than what was needed, but I wanted to make sure it had the best chance of working. 2 can would be enough for 4 wheels and 3 cans for 5 wheels. That being said, each can is $5.59 at homedepot (florida)so $19 and i have black wheels that can easily be turned back to stock.


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